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that support job creation just for the sake of more budget busting tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers and corporations. yet my friends on the other side my friends continue pushing this approach in the name of deficit reduction, but their own leadership admitted we don't have a debt crisis in the country. the architect, congressman paul ryan, said we don't have a debt crisis. speaker boehner said it's not an immediate problem. why should we enact this budget while democrats have a balanced approach to protect the middle class. why should we pass a budget that gets 66% of its cuts from programs for people of low or moderate income. why should we pass a budget that cuts pell grants that helps students or cuts the snap program that helps to feed 48 million people to give a $200,000 tax cut to millionaires? the budget put forward by the congressional black caucus continues the snap program to prevent americans from going hungry. while at the same time, reducing the deficit by $2.8 trillion over 10 years. the american people know we can't cut our way to prosperity, nor can we succeed by pu
years. while cutting taxes every year. i have dedicated much of my adult life to revolutionize our schools so that school serves children and parents. you must know this, all of our successes at the state level, and all of the work being done in the private sector can be undone if we continue to lose presidential elections. we will forfeit our ability to chart a better future for our republic. this would be tragic in every sense of the world. as you know, sam is the former ceo of ibm. probably the best ceo in america in the last decade. sam is also a fantastic human being. he's easy to talk to, but he is also a visionary and a true leader. he told me an amazing story. withs deeply involved assembling the team that created watson, a supercomputer that can understand natural language with all the ambiguities associated with human speech. watson can read through more than 200 pages of text to find an answer in less than three seconds. what you do when you have this kind of amazing capability at your fingertips? do you know what watson is doing today? it is saving lives. it is being us
-partisan and bipartisan. someone who is non-partisan says higher taxes no taxes, no big deal. amnesty, deportation, whatever. but i think it's not about people abandoning their principles but finding common ground with people, even if they can't agree on everything, finding some things on which to agree. >> i was just a house member. >> president clickman. >> if anybody else would like a promotionless us know. we have another half an hour. >> members of congress as congressman talks about get elected to represent a district. we could have a long conversation about redistricting and about how in most states in this country if you are elected in a seat that is overwhelmingly a democrat or republican you are never going to lose that seat unless you compromise with somebody on the other side. but two people get elected by everybody in the united states. it seems to be i know this is something you've thought about given your time in the president. a president of the united states has a unique role to reach out to both sides in congress. without getting into a current events debate, i think we can agree
and bipartisan. someone says lower taxes, no big deal. amnesty, whatever. i think that is a critically important one. it is not about people abanding their principles but finding a way to work together on a common ground. >> i was just a house member. it is fine if you want to put me there. >> if anybody would like a promotion let us know we have nother half an hour. congressman, members of congress get elected to represent a district. should anyone want to about redistricting and about show many states that if you're elected that are overwhelming republican or democrat that you're never going to lose that seat. unless you compromise on the other side of the aisle but remarkably get elected by the entire country. so the president of the united states republican or democrat, it seems to be and i know you have thought a lot about give your time in the tab cabinet. the president of the united states has a unique role to reach out to both sides. without getting into a current evens debate, i think we can agree the president in which this library was named, president reagan, and the last stop of this
planned attacks and plans to engage in a tax is reviewable, but eminence is not reviewable. as i understand eminence as defined by this administration and set forth in the white paper is not an up-to-the-minute assessment of whether someone poses an immediate threat, but rather it is a categorical persons tot certain fit this category by definition pose an imminent threat to us. isn't that equally subject to ?udicial review the second question is, if we put aside for, and having an internal executive process, what about having a devil's advocate position? you will not always have harold ae, but you could always have defined institutional role, somebody whose job is to defend life, at least in terms of what has been leaked thus far, we are relying on harold coe. he is gone. we are hoping somebody else might be sensitive to those concerns. with that not make a more robust process? >> i have a couple of responses. experience as bit gc for the department of defense for four years, the application of what i think we would consider imminence is not necessarily what you would assume fro
tuition. it's about americans working for less. small businesses not day to the next what taxes, what regs, what new government mandates we'll be giving up next and citizens hardd to give up more earned money and more independence and power all in for broken promises from a rigged system. it's about a grave concern about a president claiming power to home evernes to kill and whatever without accountable but no power to open up the house for the school kids to get to visit over spring break! [applause] it's about concern over a president that would prioritize able to afford to keep the white house open for those $250nts but to send million in our weapons to the muslim brotherhood. priority. america, you deserve better than that. theeserve better than people who call themselves our leaders but we won't get it unless we're ready to fight and this is one fight that is worth it. have faith in we the people, if we teach america's foundation of work ethic and development of our natural resources, if we believe in the charters of freedom that guide us, if we trust in the promise that binds us, if
written one of the preeminent taxed on the peace process. he has forgotten more about the least that i will know and charlie has done at all. i thought i would talk a little bit about my unique perspective on a couple of issues i experienced firsthand in terms of the relationship between the intelligence community and the policy makers. i worked for 30 years at the agency. but two issues really came back in my career over and over again. that was iraq and the peace process. i will talk about both of those. sandy wassing the cd waving and it struck me, 400 documents, literally thousands of pages of material that most people have not seen before and i thought how valuable that was. it's valuable to a bunch of different people. three groups came to mind. first is for the general public. it gives you a glimpse of a business that is so shrouded in secrecy, probably too much secrecy. the events of 40 years ago really come to life in these documents and not only show how they impact of the events of those days, but for me, it reminded me those events that happened 40 years ago still eliminate
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7